SimAnalytics Launches FH Cycle: Enhancing Batch Process Control

Screenshot of Cycle module

We are excited to announce the launch of FH Cycle, the latest addition to the Factory Harmonizer module family, our advanced monitoring software for process industry experts. Developed in collaboration with operators and engineers, FH Cycle is tailored for operators, providing them with real-time insights into the condition of batch production processes. 

Factory Harmonizer is an intelligent software solution designed for operators and engineers. Factory Harmonizer brings together the best of human expertise, machinery, and automated machine learning to stabilize the production process for better productivity. 

Introducing FH Cycle

The new Factory Harmonizer Cycle module is designed to simplify and enhance batch process control, giving operators the tools to optimize production in real time while allowing operators and engineers to gain a comprehensive understanding of current and historical batches. 

The module works seamlessly on top of the Factory Harmonizer data platform which ensures that all production line data is collected from systems, processed, and monitored in one place. 

User-friendly interface

FH Cycle builds upon its user-friendly interface. Unique equipment cards give quick insights, making it easy to monitor and manage batch cycles without feeling overwhelmed. In the meanwhile, the analysis and history -views enable users to drill down into each sequence and measurement. 

Equipment card

Each measurement is presented through unique intelligent operational windows. These windows enable operators to adjust measurements while ensuring they remain within the optimal range and don't slip outside of the green zone. This feature allows operators to focus on managing real-time processes, while process engineers can dedicate their efforts to continuous improvement. The result is a more efficient and responsive production environment. 

Sequence_operational-windowIntelligent operational window

Automated modeling

Our expertise lies in automated modeling – so these operational windows are of course automatically generated, defined, and updated for the customer using their own historical data. So whether your target is to increase output, improve cycle lead times, or optimize product quality, FH Cycle is there to support you. 

Our goal with FH Cycle is to make complex decisions easy. As part of the Factory Harmonizer family, which includes FH Harmony, FH Soft Sensors, and FH Safety, FH Cycle strengthens our offering and ensures that process experts within batch production now also have the best tools at their disposal for making data-driven decisions in their production. 

We warmly invite you to discover how FH Cycle can enhance your production processes. For more information, visit FH Cycle’s page or book a demo with us. For more complex, often continuous processes, check out our Harmony module.

About SimAnalytics

At SimAnalytics we are on a path to revolutionizing the process industry with our innovative software, Factory Harmonizer, and unwavering commitment. Our mission is to make complex decisions easy by empowering clients with data-driven solutions that enhance efficiency and sustainability. As of February 2023, we are a member of the Kemira family. Kemira (Nasdaq Helsinki) is a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions for water-intensive industries.

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