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Continuously monitor and facilitate the maintenance of process harmony to enhance production stability and efficiency. Harmony supports you in identifying and discovering root causes for process disturbances that may disrupt production quality and runnability.

Unlock process transparency

Gain real-time insights and clear visibility of your holistic production processes. Our automated model maintenance ensures that monitoring is always up-to date. 

Reduce unplanned interruptions

Ensure uninterrupted operations and maintain optimal productivity levels. Uncover opportunities for process enhancement beyond routine checks.

Increase production efficiency

Automate anomaly detection and focus on strategic tasks that drive productivity and growth. Spend less time on false alarms and more on what truly matter.

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Simplifying manufacturing complexity

Factory Harmonizer’s Harmony module is designed to assist manufacturing professionals in enhancing their production efficiency. Managing intricate production processes, which involve thousands of variables with scattered data most often stored in historians, can be challenging. Harmony simplifies this complexity to provide improved visibility and control, presented to users in four distinct and user-friendly views for complete clarity.

The machine learning model behind Harmony goes beyond traditional analytics by examining production processes as cohesive systems. This unique advanced monitoring technique, which we call harmony modeling, estimates thousands of tag values based on millions of interdependencies to provide operators and engineers with a truly holistic view of the entire production – without the need for prior knowledge of process modeling or artificial intelligence. This solution is created together with operators and engineers, for operators and engineers. 

Through meticulous regression models, Harmony showcases actionable insights for effective corrective and preventive actions that would otherwise go unnoticed or be discovered at a later point in time, increasing production efficiency.


Module views

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Achieve real-time insight into process stability

Identify, analyze, and drill down to uncover the root cause of process deviations. Proactively detect potential disruptions and evaluate their impact on process stability for swift corrective actions.

Simanalytics 4 illuistrations-01 ObserverObserver

Pinpoint and assess critical issues effortlessly

Prioritizes the most crucial process deviations, offering a clear view to systematically facilitate necessary changes across your team. Observer ensures you focus on key areas, fostering efficiency and timely responses.

Simanalytics 4 illuistrations-04 Radar 1Radar

Effortlessly uncover deviations in process settings

Immediately identify deviations in process settings from their usual values. Utilizing histogram analysis, swiftly assess whether these exceptional set-points fall within acceptable limits, enabling prompt corrective action.

Simanalytics 4 illuistrations-03 DashboardDashboard

Gain an overview of your holistic operations

Obtain visibility into essential KPIs in a single view to track ongoing processes and monitor the impact of corrective actions on production efficiency. Dashboard simplifies your operational overview, aiding informed decision-making.

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