Factory Harmonizer

Redefining Manufacturing Process Intelligence 

Enhance your production with artificial intelligence. Explore novel ways to improve efficiency and sustainability

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Gain access to detailed actionable insights that extend beyond the limitations of predefined parameters and past runs to minimize disruptions and optimize productivity.

With our advanced monitoring software, Factory Harmonizer, plant operators and engineers will:

Factory Harmonizer uses advanced machine learning to provide users with information that is easy to comprehend and apply. We understand that professionals' time is limited, and thus want to minimize noise by directing your professionals’ attention to the most critical areas in real-time.

Empower your operators and engineers to take control with Factory Harmonizer's proactive analytics. Identify potential issues before they impact production, minimizing unplanned interruptions.

Whether you aim to maximize output or streamline operations, Factory Harmonizer equips you with the actionable insights that you need for continuous improvement. Our methods go beyond traditional predictive maintenance and analytics -software to provide you with a holistic view of your production.

Reduce waste, minimize emissions, optimize resource utilization, and showcase progress to key stakeholders, to ensure efficient and responsible production practices.

The Factory Harmonizer impact


increased annual production profit


new annual energy savings

<1 year

average payback time

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One Factory Harmonizer. Four unique modules.


Boost production stability and efficiency by monitoring and identifying process deviations that go beyond your regular check-ups.

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Soft sensors

Generate continuous values for challenging or costly variables such as lab measurements, to save time and resources, and to proactively control your process.

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Enhance safety procedures, meet local safety demands, and gain transparency into process conditions and risks.

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Streamline batch process control with real-time insights into the condition of your batch production. Enhance process efficiency and ensure optimal product quality. 

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“Factory Harmonizer supports the expertise of operators in decision-making when optimizing process performance.” 

Process Operator
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