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Meet the team

Mikko Jääskeläinen


Mikko has a long career in the IT industry. His work experience comes from various leadership roles and responsibilities. As a person, he is very open-minded and gets along with all kinds of people and personalities. During his free time, Mikko likes to clear his mind at the shooting range or by taking long walks. Also, he is an outdoors hot tub superuser because this is where all the best discussions can be had.

Ossi Kuittinen


+358 (O) 40 7484812

Ossi is a lifelong learner – always eager to find the next breakthrough. Ventures that aim to improve the world with technology really get him going. With his extensive experience Ossi challenges everyone around him to reach even higher. Ossi navigates easily in any boardroom or in the Baltic Sea – sometimes even during the same day.

Samuli Kortelainen

COO, co-founder

+358 (O) 40 7096956

Samuli sees the world as a big strategic playground whether it’s about sports, everyday life, or business. Always driving forward either SimAnalytics or his golf ball. You might also know him from acknowledged contributions to strategic management academia. Outstanding visionary strategist and a team player – just ask anyone who’s met him.

Markus Jääskeläinen

CBO, co-founder

+358 (O) 40 0632346

The artist + sportsholic in the team thrives from sports to music to business development projects. When not making SimAnalytics to look, sound, standout, and feel good Markus is probably enjoying either sports in some form or his trumpet and jazz. His unique background brings a new flair to the systematic world of business analytics.

Lauri Lättilä

Head of Research, co-founder

+358 (O) 50 3482889

Lauri is the true epitome of combining human and computational intelligence. There’s not a topic that Lauri hasn’t read about. He has been widely recognized from his work creating simulation models throughout industries. Loves his board games so feel free to challenge.

Ville Kankainen


Innovative programmer of digital products & services with wide portfolio of ways to accelerate the creation of new business models. During the years in the industry, career has consisted of forward-looking ideas and best solutions to forge the products to be the best in their field.

Tuomas Kuittinen


Tuomas has been with SimAnalytics since 2015. He is taking care of many managerial functions such as HR, finance and legal matters co-operation

Nikolai Syrjälä


DevOps professional, whose responsibility is to package and automate the installation, operation and maintenance of software product(s). The most human robot you will ever meet.

Pedro Silva

Principal software engineer

Pedro has a background in electrical and computer engineering with expertise in designing, building and implementing end-to-end IoT systems.

Hamza Arfaoui

Data analyst/Developer

With a Master of Engineering in computer science, Hamza’s duties consist of data pre-processing for machine learning models, results analysis, process automation, and software development.



Jouni Männistö

Lead Web Architect


Julia Matviishyna

Web Developer

Julia has extensive background in IT since 2009. She is experienced in different roles as product owner,  digital marketing manager, UI/UX designer and web developer. She is full of innovative ideas and is not afraid to implement them.

Oona Kakkonen

Web Developer




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