Factory Harmonizer

Monitoring software for data-driven manufacturing

Factory Harmonizer brings together the best of human expertise, machinery, and automated machine learning to stabilize your production processes for improved efficiency and sustainability.

About the platform

The intelligent data platform ensures that all your production line data is collected from your systems, processed, and monitored in one place. Our four modules: Harmony, Soft sensors, Safety and Cycle work seamlessly on top of the Factory Harmonizer Platform.


Boost production stability and efficiency by monitoring and identifying process deviations that go beyond your regular check-ups.

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Soft sensors

Generate continuous values for challenging or costly variables such as lab measurements, to save time and resources, and to proactively control your process.

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Enhance safety procedures, meet local safety demands, and gain transparency into process conditions and risks.

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Streamline batch process control with real-time insights into the condition of your batch production. Enhance process efficiency and ensure optimal product quality. 

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Factory Harmonizer can identify hidden signals from the process, that are otherwise missed by our current systems.”

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What is harmony modeling?

Harmony modeling represents our innovative monitoring technique to enhance production processes. Unlike traditional methods relying on single-point measurements and setpoint-triggered alarms, harmony modeling considers interdependencies among thousands of tag values in a continuous process. Harmony modeling facilitates data-driven decision-making, offering invaluable insights for more effective corrective and preventive actions in the dynamic landscape of modern manufacturing.

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Digitalization for the future of the planet and people

At SimAnalytics, we believe in the synergy of sustainability and profit. Proactively identify process deviations and receive insights to optimize input levels, preventing costly environmental impact. Reduce waste, minimize emissions, optimize resource utilization, and showcase progress to key stakeholders, ensuring efficient and responsible production practices. With Factory Harmonizer, process efficiency is sustainable and resilient. 

Frequently asked questions

We prioritize minimizing the time commitment from your key personnel without compromising essential work. For a typical case, anticipate 2-3 short workshops during the deployment stage. Advanced machine learning automates model building and re-modeling, eliminating the need for time-consuming updates. Note that the time required may vary slightly depending on the scope of your requests.

At SimAnalytics, our expertise lies in automation and machine learning, allowing us to streamline model development and maintenance. This eliminates the need for laborious and costly update projects on the customer side while improving the precision of readings. Our software is built for the operator on the ground, not for data analytics engineers (though of course, they can also use the tool!). We take care of the data and analytics, while your experts are handed the tools they need to make data-driven decisions.

Factory Harmonizer's harmony module adopts a unique holistic approach to production, focusing on the entire process rather than individual components. The software excels at comprehending intricate interrelations between various process measurements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the entire process.

In comparison to a data scientist who builds one or a handful of models for one soft sensor, Factory Harmonizer’s soft sensor module concurrently builds thousands of models, utilizing various algorithms and hyperparameters to identify the most accurate model for your specific use case. We additionally provide precise and clearly quantified model assessments during development to significantly reduce the risk of deploying models with misleading predictions.

Factory Harmonizer seamlessly integrates with a variety of Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and historian databases from automation system data providers like Valmet, Siemens, Honeywell, ABB, OSIsoft/AVEVA, or Oracle. These databases can be augmented with additional data sources, such as laboratory data, for comprehensive analysis. Additionally, Factory Harmonizer can incorporate data from other systems like Manufacturing Control Systems (MCS) or Quality Management Systems (QMS) if available.

Concerned about your data quality and volume? Rest assured, it's our responsibility to sift through the available data. To ensure integrity and feasibility, we employ a meticulous screening process before deployment. The collected data undergoes our comprehensive Data Health Check, ensuring only relevant and high-quality data is used in the system, optimizing the accuracy and effectiveness of Factory Harmonizer's models.

Factory Harmonizer possesses a unique capability to learn and adjust readings as small changes occur in your production, such as variations in raw material quality. Larger changes are seamlessly embedded as the model undergoes automated re-training at regular intervals, ensuring adaptability without system breaks or additional costs.

No, Factory Harmonizer does not replace operators; it empowers them with the insights needed to make informed data-driven decisions. It provides information on the "what" and supports thoughts on the "why" of a deviation but does not prescribe precisely how it should or shouldn’t be fixed. We believe in placing workers as the center of production processes, thus emphasizing the quick adoption and user-friendliness in everything that we do.

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