SimAnalytics and Kemira Celebrate One Year of Extended Collaboration

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SimAnalytics proudly marks the one-year anniversary since being acquired by Kemira, a world-leading company in sustainable chemical solutions. Kemira first invested in SimAnalytics in August 2021 and has since worked in close collaboration with the company to develop and market its advanced monitoring software, Factory Harmonizer. As of last year, the collaboration has multiplied and led to remarkable achievements and significant milestones for both organizations.

Shared Vision and Enthusiastic Collaboration

Harri Eronen, Senior Vice President at Kemira and Chair of the Board at SimAnalytics, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "The past year has been a testament to the power of innovative partnerships. Kemira's acquisition of SimAnalytics has enhanced our ability to support our customers' businesses in the pulp and paper and water treatment industries with data-driven predictive services and machine learning solutions that enable more efficient and sustainable production."

Kemira’s expanded KemConnect digital services portfolio, enriched by SimAnalytics' solutions, has attracted new customers globally. The synergy of Kemira's industry expertise and SimAnalytics' advanced machine learning proficiency has resonated well in the market, leading to increased business opportunities for Kemira and SimAnalytics alike.

Operational Improvements and Solution Advancements

In the realm of operational improvements, the integration of SimAnalytics' Factory Harmonizer solution into Kemira's manufacturing facilities has proven to be valuable for the facilities and the providers alike. The implementation has provided valuable insights and ideas for operators and engineers to enhance their production while enabling an open dialogue with SimAnalytics’ development to improve Factory Harmonizer’s capabilities. This has been a ground pillar for innovative ideas to bloom and be tested.

A notable achievement within the past year is the successful launch of the soft sensor module. This groundbreaking addition to the Factory Harmonizer offering enables real-time estimates for variables that are challenging to measure or require a substantial amount of time. The module enhances the overall functionality of Factory Harmonizer, providing users with enhanced actionable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities without the need for in-house knowledge in the AI domain.

Workforce Expansion and Collaborative Knowledge Exchange

Kemira’s investment in SimAnalytics has enabled a significant increase in the employee count at the software company, signifying the joint effort to further develop and elevate Factory Harmonizer. This expansion aims to broaden the capabilities of the solution, ensuring it continues to meet and exceed the evolving needs of current and new customers.

The close-knit collaboration between SimAnalytics and Kemira extends beyond technical integration. There has been a robust exchange of machine learning knowledge and a mutually beneficial relationship through an advisory board and beyond, focusing on shaping innovative business propositions. Mikko Jääskeläinen, CEO at SimAnalytics, highlights, "Joining forces with Kemira has allowed SimAnalytics to accelerate our vision for a responsible and cost-effective future in industrial production. As part of Kemira, we are poised to deliver on our commitment to advancing digital services in the industry."

Future Outlook

The success of the past year has set a positive tone for the future. The collaboration between SimAnalytics and Kemira will continue to drive innovation, providing customers with advanced solutions and contributing to the transformation of industrial processes. Both organizations remain committed to their shared vision of a more efficient and technologically advanced future that puts people and the planet first.

For further information, please contact:

Mikko Jääskeläinen,
CEO at SimAnalytics


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