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    FH Cycle streamlines batch process control by providing your operators with real-time insights into the condition of your production. Intuitive views offer a holistic outline of current and historical batches, allowing operators and engineers to drill down into each sequence and measurement. Integrated analytics build intelligent operational windows for each, ensuring optimal control. The automated approach to model building saves valuable time and resources.

    Enhance Operational Control

    Gain instant insights to maintain optimal production quality and stay within intelligently defined operational windows, allowing your operators to confidently manage your processes and achieve superior results.

    Boost Process Efficiency

    Optimize operations to achieve peak productivity and uncover opportunities for improvement beyond conventional insights. Streamline workflows to enhance production throughput, ensuring every aspect of your process runs efficiently.

    Increase Overall Productivity

    Improved visibility into the production state enables early intervention and reduces downtime. Accelerate production cycles to shorten lead times, making operations more responsive.

    Controlling Batch Cycles

    Factory Harmonizer’s Cycle module is designed to provide your operators and process engineers with the tools to enhance batch process efficiency and ensure optimal product quality. 

    FH Cycle simplifies real-time process control with three intuitive views that enable your operators to steer the production using insights generated directly from your data. In the meantime, automated model building exempts your process engineers from burdensome process modeling so that they can focus their valuable time on continuous improvement. A comprehensive overview of historical and current batches and their sequences, as well as drill-down functions enable them to run the extra mile.

    FH Cycle unveils quick, actionable insights that optimize operations, boost efficiency, and drive sustainability. By leveraging data-driven production, it empowers the entire production staff to make more informed decisions. 

    Module views

    Illustration of Dashboard view

    View the current and historical state of batch equipment

    Always dreamt of having a one-screen overview of your batch production? Look no further. Equipment cards provide quick insights into the state of the equipment, the current state of production thereof as well as a quick historical overview of batches and sequences.

    Illustration of Batch Analysis view
    Batch Analysis

    Gain real-time insights through intelligent operational windows

    Our unique intelligent operational windows are automatically calculated and defined for each measurement using historical batch data. These windows enable operators to adjust measurements, ensuring they remain within the optimal range and don't slip outside of the green zone.

    Illustration of Batch History view
    Batch History

    Explore the condition and production times of your latest batches 

    Filter according to product to view cycle and sequence times for each batch. Drill down to discover what measurements have had an impact on the performance and look for ways to improve overall production efficiency.



    SimAnalytics Launches FH Cycle

    Developed in collaboration with operators and engineers, FH Cycle is tailored for operators, providing them with real-time insights into the condition of batch production processes.

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