Factory Harmonizer Introduces New Dashboard View for Enhanced Operational Oversight

Dashboard view on laptop screen

Factory Harmonizer comes equipped with three unique views: Analyzer, Observer, and Radar, all of which provide users with different perspectives on their production processes. Upon feedback from users, the set of views is now being complemented by a fourth, Dashboard view, for further insights into process efficiency and safety.

Purpose of the Dashboard

The primary objective of the dashboard view is to facilitate a more efficient tracking of ongoing processes. It provides a quick overview of factory operations, enabling users to swiftly discern correlations between various factors, such as production output and efficiency, and to gain an understanding of the impact that corrective actions are having on production.

The dashboard has been designed to cater to a broad audience, ensuring accessibility for all parties involved in the manufacturing process. However, it holds particular significance for senior management, furnishing them with the tools for data-driven decision-making and monitoring of factory performance and safety.

Transparency for External Stakeholders

An inherent advantage of the dashboard lies in its capacity to provide external stakeholders with transparency into operational efficiency as well as safety measures. It allows organizations to exhibit enhancements in their operations, thereby enabling the demonstration of tangible progress to investors, partners, or regulatory entities.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The dashboard is developed to present an array of customizable KPIs. Initially, a smaller set of KPIs is accessible, providing users with immediate insights into factory performance, for example, the total number and duration of observations and the quantity of processed and unprocessed tickets.


The dashboard will be rolled out to all current customers within the next two months. For new customers, the dashboard is provided as a part of the Harmony and Safety modules at no additional cost.

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