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Navigating the early stages of a career involves a mix of experiences, from the highs of making an impact to the lows of pondering whether one is at the right place after all or whether switching career plans completely should be on the table. In this blog post, Arttu and Lauri provide insights into their journeys from interns to part-time employees at SimAnalytics. The duo shares their perspectives on the company's culture, shedding light on their career paths through a comprehensive interview.

From Interns to Part-Time Employees

Arttu, a Machine Learning Developer, and Lauri, a Full-Stack Developer, both started as Software Development interns in the summer of 2023. Lauri, fondly known as "Lare" in the office, was initially attracted by the prospect of summer employment through Lead Web Architect Jouni's enthusiastic master's thesis presentation which ended in a quick promotion speech for open positions at his employer, SimAnalytics. Arttu, on the other hand, first heard about the company a few years back through a family connection who had been guided by co-founder Samuli during Samuli’s lecturing at the University of Lappeenranta. Last spring, when Arttu saw SimAnalytics’ LinkedIn job post, a memory was ignited which boosted him to apply.

Describing the recruitment process as straightforward, Lare and Arttu highlight the clear communication of timelines and expectations. The process included submitting their resume and contact information as well as two interviews. The timely updates and clear process created a positive experience for the candidates.

Balancing Academics and Professional Growth

Arttu and Lare are currently pursuing their master’s degrees in Computer Science. Their academic backgrounds align seamlessly with their roles at SimAnalytics, emphasizing the relevance that education can have in the software development field.

Both Arttu and Lare affirm that their academic backgrounds directly contribute to their current roles, providing a foundation for their transition into the professional setting. Similarly, their work contributes to a real-life understanding, boosting academic motivation.

“There are also other Simsies who are doing the same courses, so I can get peer support and help at work,” Lare laughs.

During his summer internship, Lare worked on improving and implementing new features in the Factory Harmonizer UI, while Arttu focused on enhancing the machine-learning aspects of the software.

Lare fondly recalls the satisfaction of completing and implementing his first web component, receiving positive feedback from the team lead and members. Arttu cherishes the inclusivity of after-work events, where even during summer, interns were actively invited to join in.

“Not that the environment at the office isn’t relaxed, but it’s also super nice to be invited to after-work events as an equal part of the team even though at the time I was just a summer intern,” Arttu adds.

Autonomy, Growth and Open Communication

Despite clear guidance when needed, both Arttu and Lare express a significant level of autonomy in their work which has encouraged the duo to dive into the deep end. For Lare, every day at SimAnalytics brings new learning opportunities, evolving from an initial strong learning curve in the beginning into continuous, manageable growth. Arttu further highlights the significance of understanding SimAnalytics' internal technologies and workflows, which especially in the beginning required more effort but which has also contributed significantly to his professional development.

“Every company has their tools and methods of working and it always takes a while before you get the hang of it,” he notes.

Lare and Arttu value the open communication within and across teams. While SimAnalytics fostered and continues to foster an environment where self-driven initiatives are encouraged, teamwork is front and centre. The choice to continue with SimAnalytics after the summer was linked to the enjoyable work environment, supportive colleagues, and the opportunity to work on projects aligned with their interests. They emphasize the flexibility to shape their roles and routines, contributing to their sense of accomplishment.

“It's nice how flexible it is here, with options to work remotely or on-site. Being offered a part-time job after summer isn't a given either,” Lare highlights.

Clarity and Confirmation in Career and Company Choice

SimAnalytics has provided clarity and confirmation for Arttu and Lare regarding their career choices, solidifying their interest in the industry, though highlighting that clarity isn’t linear. Arttu and Lare bring up the importance of a can-do attitude, a willingness to learn, an interest in continuous improvement, and effective communication as crucial attributes for success in the software development domain, especially at a start-up such as SimAnalytics.

When asked to describe the work culture at SimAnalytics, the duo chose words such as relaxed, immediate, and motivating. Arttu and Lare stress that while the nature of the work is business-focused, there is no overwhelming pressure, creating a conducive atmosphere for productivity. Furthermore, they appreciate the support for their work-study balance, allowing them to study at their own, planned phase but also enabling other employees to pursue further education for personal and professional development.

For anyone pursuing a career in software development or any career on that hand, Lare and Arttu both emphasize the importance of being yourself during the application process. Lare recommends expressing genuine interest in the company and their products as well as showcasing your personal projects to highlight interest and skills if your experience in the field isn’t broad.

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