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SimAnalytics designs and creates computational analytics solutions for challenging business problems. Client’s meaningful data is refined into accurate information that makes complex decisions and actions easy.
SimAnalytics Custom Shop! concept utilizes the most modern set of analytical methods and technologies that makes it possible to take over complex business systems across industries.
For us scalability means that analysts and data experts should not be needed to update models and analyses in each turn. The analytics engine adapts to changes automatically and humans can focus on applying their expertise that is augmented with accurate and reliable analytics.

STEP I - Valuable information

STEP II - Observation architecture

STEP III - Scalable and modular analytics

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SimAnalytics  – Albatross! –


SimAnalytics Albatross! service concept makes it possible to reach 10-30% logistics cost savings that contribute directly to your business profit.

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What they say

  • Vaisala wanted to gain understanding on which factors affect the demand forecasting accuracy of our purchased materials. The comprehensive analysis and recommendations by SimAnalytics have helped us to focus our development efforts to areas with most improvement potential. Cooperation with SimAnalytics was smooth throughout the project. SimAnalytics also managed to keep the effort required from Vaisala at practical minimum.

    Juhana Häkkänen | Head of Demand and Supply Chain Management | Vaisala Oyj, Global Operations

  • Logistics needs to generate competitive advantage for Kuusakoski Recycling and we were seeking new ways to optimize our logistics. The data needed to be turned into information that is relevant for our decision-making. The way SimAnalytics described their approach and the process gave me the confidence to take the cooperation further. Working with SimAnalytics has been simple, straightforward, and effective.

    Atte Kekkonen | CEO | Kuusakoski Recycling

  • With SimAnalytics we are now building completely new, information-driven business to industrial maintenance. Working with these guys is straightforward and natural which builds trust and makes cooperation productive and enjoyable. Time after time SimAnalytics has met and very often also exceeded our expectations with their business-oriented agility and high quality workmanship.  We see SimAnalytics as a strategic partner, not a supplier. Their unique combination of strategic insight and ability to execute puts them in key role in our MP INtelligence service concept.

    Otto Tarkiainen | Executive Vice President, Service Agreement Business Area | Maintpartner Group

  • On behalf of Insta I can warmly recommend collaborating with SimAnalytics. Their experts are highly competent, enthusiastic, adaptive and worthy of trust. Working with SimAnalytics on our strategic simulation service has been successful and easy.

    Martti Setälä | Director, Customer Relations | Insta Skills

Some of our wonderful clients

Meet the team

Samuli Kortelainen

CEO, co-founder

+358 (O) 40 7096956

Samuli sees the world as a big strategic playground whether it’s about sports, everyday life, or business. Always driving forward either SimAnalytics or his golf ball. You might also know him from acknowledged contributions to strategic management academia. Outstanding visionary strategist and a team player – just ask anyone who’s met him.

Markus Jääskeläinen

CMO, co-founder

+358 (O) 40 0632346

The artist + sportsholic in the team thrives from sports to music to business development projects. When not making SimAnalytics to look, sound, standout, and feel good Markus is probably enjoying either sports in some form or his trumpet and jazz. His unique background brings a new flair to the systematic world of business analytics.

Lauri Lättilä

COO, co-founder

+358 (O) 50 3482889

Lauri is the true epitome of combining human and computational intelligence. There’s not a topic that Lauri hasn’t read about. He has been widely recognized from his work creating simulation models throughout industries. Loves his board games so feel free to challenge.

Ossi Kuittinen


+358 (O) 40 7484812

Ossi is a lifelong learner – always eager to find the next breakthrough. Ventures that aim to improve the world with technology really get him going. With his extensive experience Ossi challenges everyone around him to reach even higher. Ossi navigates easily in any boardroom or in the Baltic Sea – sometimes even during the same day.

Jukka Reitmaa


Tuomas Kuittinen


Janne Hilpi

Data Scientist

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