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Mission for Senior Test Engineer

SimAnalytics Oy

– Making people better in their work with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and scalable, modular analytics – Humans and machines augmenting each other – Data refined into information, decisions, and actions – Data adaptive, AI-boosted software tools –

If those phrases make you excited, you should join us. We are developing our new AI-boosted tool for process industry and we need more bright minds and dexterous hands to make our clients even more satisfied.


As a Senior Test Engineer your main focus is…

  • …to improve software system quality by developing and implementing a test plan, and conducting explorative testing.
  • …to aid the product development team achieve realistic goals by setting standards for software testing and informing the testability of various features.
  • …to create meaningful metrics and test cases to measure algorithmic performance.


You are a seasoned professional and bring along experience, ideas and skills that push our software testing to the next level.


Outcomes of your contribution

  1. Participate in product development planning process
  • Create acceptance tests to measure when adequate performance has been achieved
  • Inform product owners and product development team by discussing the testability of features
  • Participate in Scrum planning
  1. Extend current test suite from unit testing to include integration and system testing
  • Create automated test cases which connect backend and frontend servers
  • End-to-end test cases to track that current development branches work as intended
  • Aid development team create more meaningful unit-tests
  • Specify test and staging environments
  1. Create a process to track and remedy defects found in product development or testing
  • Process should track found bugs and defects
  • Identify severity and priority of each defect
  • Create work orders for product development to remedy the defects
  1. Measure system test coverage, and identify bottlenecks and at-risk situations
  • Extend current test coverage from line coverage to more meaningful measurements
  • Identify and apply relevant code quality metrics
  • Conduct explorative testing to identify system performance boundaries and risk-scenarios
  1. Create status reports on testing activities
  • Bi-weekly report is utilized in Scrum planning sessions
  • Extended status report created quarterly for required stakeholders



  • Integrity – Doesn’t cut corners, willing to challenge others
  • Attention to detail – Does not let vital details slip through
  • Ambitious standards – Expects high performance from self and team
  • Courage – Ability to challenge own thinking
  • Teamwork – Willing to work with others and collaborate to create better solutions


Desired technical skills (in order of priority)

  • Mastery in software quality tools (e.g. SonarQube) and processes
  • Proficiency with test frameworks
  • Proficiency with DevOps tools, such as GitLab / Continuous Integration tools
  • Working knowledge on Python
  • Working knowledge on technical writing and software documentation
  • Experience in testing numerical analysis software


What we can and want to offer

  • Culture of modern tech team where you can develop your skills, quickly test and implement new ideas, and grow professionally
  • Inspiring focus where you join the development of a software that is piloted with key clients and soon launched for wider audience
  • Multi-competent, ambitious colleagues
  • Cosy offices and open working environment
  • Working equipment of your choice (Mac, Windows, Linux…)
  • Competitive compensation


If you feel you’d be up for the mission, send your story, CV, and salary request to Please name your email “Mission for Senior Test Engineer” to subject field.

Position is filled and the journey starts as soon as the right fit is found. For any questions call our office phone +358 (o) 449 885 824.

About SimAnalytics

SimAnalytics designs and creates computational analytics solutions for challenging business problems. In our work we embrace human-machine relationship where both can focus on their strengths and augment each other.

For us scalability means that analysts and data experts should not be needed to update models and analyses in each turn. Our analytics engines adapt to changes automatically and humans can focus on applying their expertise that is augmented with accurate and reliable analytics.

Essential part of our culture is to work closely together with clients and let practical results guide the work forward. This approach combined with our state-of-the-art technologies makes it possible create positive disruption across industries.